BzzAgent – Free Products in Exchange for your Feedback

I’m currently waiting for a BzzAgent campaign package to come in the mail and it struck me that not only should I write about that when it comes, but I should also tell you about BzzAgent itself.

I’ve been a BzzAgent for nearly five years. I highly recommend joining.

What is BzzAgent?
It’s a word of mouth marketing company that connects brands with their target markets. You fill out various surveys about your preferences in different areas like electronics, food, beauty products, etc. When you fit the type that a particular brand is looking for, they ask if you want to join their campaign.

What’s in it for you?
You get to try products for free! You’ll receive a package in the mail with the product, or sometimes a free coupon so you can go get the product. And you don’t have to send it back, it’s yours to keep.

I’ve done campaigns where I’ve received free dog food, a universal remote, a smartphone, various make-up products, candy, and even restaurant coupons.

What’s the Catch?
They just ask that you report back anytime you talk about the product. They want you to share your honest opinion with your friends and with the company.

How to be Selected for Campaigns
Make sure you log in and fill out surveys at least once a month. Brands have specific questions for their campaigns and if you don’t have an answer on file, you won’t be chosen. Also, the more you share your opinion during campaigns, the greater the chance that you’ll be asked to be in more campaigns.


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