How to Increase Breast Milk Supply

My breast milk supply started to decrease at about the 6 month mark. I was in a panic and I kept finding unhelpful advice like “you will produce what your baby needs.” Guess what, not true. I called my nurse and she was equally unhelpful so I scoured the Internet for answers. Here are the tips that actually helped me.

More Milk Plus by Motherlove
This is an herbal supplement containing fenugreek which helps you make more milk. I found it at my local coop near the prenatal vitamins. To really see an increase I had to double the suggested dose. The downfall is that it’s expensive.

Mother’s Milk Tea
I found this tea by Traditional Medicinals at the regular grocery store for $2.99. It also contains fenugreek. This actually helped me more than the supplements. I would use one tea bag at work in the morning and then just keep adding hot water throughout the day so it is also much more cost effective.

I was skeptical about this one. But to my surprise, I did see an increase after eating oatmeal. And what’s the harm in regularly eating oatmeal for breakfast? Or my favorite, keeping a supply of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on hand.

Power Pump
This is where you pump for 10 minutes and rest for 10 minutes and keep doing that for an hour. Not the most pleasant way to spend an hour but it does work because you end up with multiple let downs (the surge of milk you get at the beginning of a feeding). Try doing it once a week. No need to torture yourself.

Add a Pump Session
Many women continue to wake up at night and pump after their baby starts sleeping through the night. I say, that’s crazy! You need your sleep. But I did add a pump session right before I went to sleep. Sometimes I would only get a couple drops, but sometimes I was able to get another ounce.

If you have other tips that helped you increase your milk supply, please share in the comments.


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