Just Between Friends Drop-Off Complete

I previously wrote about how much I love shopping at consignment sales. Today marks my first time as a seller. I signed up as a consigner for a local Just Between Friends sale. I’ll give you a run down of how things have worked so far.

I started tagging my items a few weeks ago. This was a longer process than I expected. They are strict about only taking items in good condition, in-season, etc. so I wanted to make sure everything looked great come inspection time. This is nice for buyers because you don’t have to worry about junky items.

My diligence was rewarded! When I unloaded everything at the sale and brought it through for inspection, they only held back one item. This was my fault – I tried to sneak in a sleeper with a snowman on it. I’ll save that for the fall sale.

I did my drop-off over my lunch break and I was a little worried about how long it would take. But everything was run very smoothly. There were carts available to wheel in your items. Here’s a picture of mine.

Just Between Friends Sale

Just Between Friends Sale

Then you sign a waiver and someone scans one of your tags to make sure it is working properly. Next was inspection and then I was off to set out my items. You are responsible for placing your item in the appropriate area. All in all it took about 45 minutes.

I have to say, I was starting to get the itch to shop as I walked passed the rows and rows of strollers, toys and clothes. A benefit of selling is that you get to shop before the sale opens to the public. So I just have to wait a couple more hours!


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