Just Between Friends Recap

Well, I completed my first Just Between Friends consignment sale experience as a seller. I did better than expected – better than I could’ve done had I arranged my own garage sale or gone to a second-hand store with my items. And of course, a big reason I sold anything was to be able to shop early.

I scored some wins in the shopping area: a new play kitchen still in the box, four pairs of shoes including some Robeezfor $3.50, a few pajama sets and a couple small toys to include in my baby’s Easter basket.

Here are some of my key learnings as a seller and shopper.

Donate as much as you can
I had no ambition to drive back to the sale on Sunday night to pick up my items. I wish I would’ve just designated everything as “donate” if it didn’t sell. So unless you live really close to the sale, or feel very strongly about getting a certain price on something, save yourself the time and just donate. You’ll also receive a donation receipt.

Get in line early
Before the pre-sale I thought I was too early so I sat in my car for a bit. Little did I know, a line was forming inside.

Use your phone to look up prices
I looked at a few items that weren’t on my original list but I wasn’t sure if they were priced well. Make sure to bring your phone along so you can do a quick search.

Bring a stroller or wagon
If you plan to do a lot of shopping, bring something that you can wheel your purchases around in so you don’t have to carry it all. They do move the large items to a “hold” area so you don’t have to worry about those. But the weight of toys and clothes also adds up quick.


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