Appropriate Zoo Behavior?

On a recent trip to the zoo, my family and I spent some time watching the Grizzly Bears. They were very active and close to the glass so there was a bit of a crowd gathered around. There were two male bears and one female. The males were fighting on and off (presumably over the female – she was lounging in the sun nearby).

Each time they started to fight, a few young boys would chant: Fight, Fight, Fight. It struck me as really inappropriate, but not one single parent told their child to stop chanting. Yes, bears fight. It’s in their nature. But do we really want our children encouraging it?

My son isn’t old enough to understand what was happening. He just happily watched all the action. But when he is old enough, I really hope he doesn’t take part in the chant.

Am I wrong? Was this totally normal and fine behavior for the zoo?


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