5 Tips for Sleeping Well While Pregnant

Some people say that not sleeping well while pregnant is helping your body prepare for not getting any sleep once the baby arrives. I say, that’s crap. Get as much sleep as you can before that baby comes!

Some common problems that keep you from sleeping while pregnant are: heartburn, back pain, snoring (this is a problem if you’re husband wakes you up to tell you you’re snoring) and nasal congestion. At some point you might also deal with plain old insomnia and I couldn’t find a solution for that. But here are a few things that helped me with the others.

– Don’t drink anything before bed.
– Take a couple Tums when you lay down to sleep and keep them on your nightstand in case you need them throughout the night.

Back Pain
– Splurge on a pregnancy body pillow like this one from Boppy. They are perfect for the pregnant body. A normal body pillow really doesn’t work as well.

Breathe Right strips worked for me. The one thing I didn’t like is that my nose would be really red in the morning from the adhesive.

Nasal Congestion
– I suffered from the worst nasal congestion when I was pregnant. And really, it wasn’t even quite congestion. It was actually sinus swelling so even if I could’ve taken cold medicine, I’m not sure it would’ve worked. The one thing that helped was a humidifier.


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