Kids and Weddings

Oh what a turn of events! I was married just a couple short years ago and I did not invite any children to the wedding or reception. Mainly, the reason was cost. I did not want to pay another $20-30 for your 5 year old to attend my reception.

But I also didn’t have many close friends or family members who had kids yet. So the secret second reason for not inviting kids was to keep the head count down. I knew that our relatives who lived further away (some who I had never even met) wouldn’t bother to make the trip if they couldn’t bring their kids. And that was fine with me.

Now I find myself on the other end of the situation. I’m attending a wedding out of state in a few weeks, and my child is not invited. Part of me is devastated. I would love to make it a family trip. But with no babysitting option while we are there, it just isn’t possible.

It’s funny how having a baby can totally change your tune. A couple years ago I had no interest in having kids at my wedding – clogging up the dance floor, crying during the ceremony, etc. Now I think it is the cutest thing when the little flower girl or ring bearer is dancing the night away….even cuter when they are completely passed out in someone’s lap, exhausted from their night of fun. Sigh.